Arden Bendler Browning Arden Bendler Browning


I look to my surroundings and make marks to orient myself.

Through drawing, smartphone photography and videography, I take notes and bring the outside inside my studio walls. Photographs of my paintings carry my work into a virtual space, and allow for dramatic expansion of scale. I digitally paint in three dimensions to broaden the scope of the intial paintings. I record video while walking through the virtual paintings.
I pour, brush, wipe, spray, draw on surfaces while watching the video.

I create complex, disorienting spaces where I intentionally become lost and then find my way back out through gesture, color, and depth.

Akin to Jane Bennett’s theory of “vital materiality”, the paintings and virtual environments are as alive as real world spaces. Presenting both physical and virtual interpretations of similar images, I am encouraging the experience of painting as “unique and not yet finished in its uniqueness”.
What was once the focus can become the backdrop, and may be unreachable.

I want to offer people a way to be so immersed in a world that they can wander and imagine, but can also feel encouraged to explore and meander without a directive to solve or comprehend.