Arden Bendler Browning Arden Bendler Browning


I am an explorer, marking my way with paint.
Walking, to get lost.
How can I travel somewhere new through memory?

I paint quickly but intently
while navigating layers of light, color, shadow, density, gesture, and infinite detail.
Time moves more slowly when I am painting fast.

I layer marks over marks over marks. There is no horizon.
The colors are more alive than we notice.
The world is overloaded and so am I
but it makes sense when looking carefully.

I invent new worlds and journeys.
I put on a virtual reality headset, and grow my body size paintings into distant and near walls.
Roaming within the vast space of my small travel drawings, I use virtual reality tools to paint in three-dimensions.
What was once the focus is now the backdrop, the floor, the unreachable island.
If you wear the headset, you too can walk through the paintings.
Moving through these immersive marks, you become part of an unseen world.

I record video while walking through my real but not real marks.
I paint while watching the video. The screen meanders through almost real shapes and brushstrokes : all aspects, all directions, monumental and miniscule.

The longer I look, the more I am noticing the ways the colors talk to each other -
like a still image that is moving.