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Opening Reception: January 6th, 6-9pm during the First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Sequences, an exhibition of new work by Carol Mode, in the main gallery. In the rear gallery, All at Once, is an exhibition of new work by Arden Bendler Browning. These artists share commonality in their devotion to abstraction, yet each artist employs her own, unique procedure. These artists’ works are captivating and energetic, demonstrating the lasting allure of abstract painting.

Arden Bendler Browning

All at Once

Philadelphia based artist Arden Bendler Browning creates large abstract paintings referencing urban landscape and multiple perspectives. She draws from a wide range of sources as inspiration : the temporality of Impressionism, the gestural energy of Abstract Expressionism, and the combination of disparate forms from Postmodernism.

Travel – whether the everyday paths throughout her urban home base, or the moving landscape from a family road trip – has become the common thread throughout her work. Her paintings reflect on a persistent tension between time and memory, the layering of images, and developing complex representations that allude to the impossibility of fully capturing, knowing, or reaching a destination. She merges seemingly disparate elements, jumbling and layering references of thousands of photographs and gestural studies of light, color, and movement, retaining a feeling of place and time and our movement through both.