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Two person show “All at Once” opening January 6 at Tinney Contemporary in Nashville

link to Tinney Contemporary press release

Opening Reception: January 6th, 6-9pm during the First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Sequences, an exhibition of new work by Carol Mode, in the main gallery. In the rear gallery, All at Once, is an exhibition of new work by Arden Bendler Browning. These artists share commonality in their devotion to abstraction, yet each artist employs her own, unique procedure. These artists’ works are captivating and energetic, demonstrating the lasting allure of abstract painting.

Arden Bendler Browning

All at Once

Philadelphia based artist Arden Bendler Browning creates large abstract paintings referencing urban landscape and multiple perspectives. She draws from a wide range of sources as inspiration : the temporality of Impressionism, the gestural energy of Abstract Expressionism, and the combination of disparate forms from Postmodernism.

Travel – whether the everyday paths throughout her urban home base, or the moving landscape from a family road trip – has become the common thread throughout her work. Her paintings reflect on a persistent tension between time and memory, the layering of images, and developing complex representations that allude to the impossibility of fully capturing, knowing, or reaching a destination. She merges seemingly disparate elements, jumbling and layering references of thousands of photographs and gestural studies of light, color, and movement, retaining a feeling of place and time and our movement through both.

Solo show “All at Once” opening January 6 at Galleri Urbane in Dallas

Opening reception, January 6, 6:30-8:30
Artist Talk at 5:30
Galleri Urbane Marfa + Dallas
2277 Monitor Street
Dallas, TX 75207

For the traveler of today, smartphones have become the ultimate companion. Replacing the paper
map, Google Maps will give voice instructions on how to get from point A to point B. In place of
the point-and-shoot camera, iPhones and Androids capture high-definition photographs that can be
shared instantly to multiple social networking platforms, letting one share up-to-the-moment travel
updates with friends and family. Visiting any landmark today, the tourist with smartphone in hand
has become a familiar icon.

This modern notion of traveling serves as the impetus for Arden Bendler Browning’s upcoming solo
exhibition of paintings titled All at Once , the artist’s first with Galleri Urbane. Having recently
embarked on a monumental 7,000-mile road trip with her family, the artist created a visual diary of
the trek, taking photographs on her phone and capturing sketches of the moving and evolving
landscape from the seat of her vehicle. Back in the studio, the endless number of images produced
became the source material for the series of paintings. The forms of cities, towns, plains, glaciers, and
hot springs are distorted as they are loosely painted in overlapping layers of vibrant color.

The intensely layered compositions reflect the contemporary obsession of being everywhere at once as made evident in society’s obsessive documentation and sharing of everyday moments with a digital device. Scrolling through our newsfeeds, photos taken and shared from all over the world are compiled and compressed into one place behind glass screens. Bendler Browning captures this
phenomenon by adapting the gestural energy of mid-20 th century abstract painting and transforming
it with 21 st century materials like Flashe paint and acrylic gouache. These materials provide the work
with a matte, chalky finish that allows its multiplicity of layers to exist as one, flattened image to be
experienced all at once. Like a blurred landscape viewed from a moving car window, or the swipe of
images across a screen, Bendler Browning reconfigures the familiar and produces something new
and unexpected that exists somewhere between the real and the virtual.

An opening reception for All at Once will take place at Galleri Urbane Dallas on Saturday,
January 6 th , 2018, from 6:30-8:30 PM, and a conversation with the artist will take place at 5:30 PM.
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Based in Philadelphia, Bendler Browning holds a BFA in Art with honors from Carnegie Mellon
University (1997), a Master of Studio Art with high distinctions from Sydney College of the Arts
(2000), and an MFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art (2003). Featured twice in New American
Paintings, her work has also been displayed in exhibitions at galleries and art fairs across the country
and placed in numerous private and public collections. A commissioned permanent work for the
City of Philadelphia at the Philadelphia International Airport, awarded through a rigorous
competition and selection process, was recently installed in February 2017.

Galleri Urbane Marfa + Dallas
2277 Monitor St.
Dallas, TX 75207

link to Galleri Urbane and press release
All at Once
Arden Bendler Browning 
January 6

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